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I won’t forgive you anymore…

The guy I was having all those problems with a few weeks ago tried to apologize yesterday.
And you know I came to an interesting conclusion:
this sort of thing, people who get angry at me for just being me, and they flying off the handle and calling me all kinds of mean names and titles, happens all the time to me.
People can’t handle me at some point, and really, there is no crime in that IF when you walk away from me you’re like ‘yo Lorelei, you’re just to intense for me, and I don’t think I like bring around you.’ Hey man, ok, no problems! There are like 8 billion people on this planet, no big deal. Happy travels and all that.
But when they go off on me, like this guy did: Accusing me of things that where not true, calling me a liar and a slut, and spreading rumors about me, I am just expected to have to deal with. I’m expected to just take it. And then, ineveitably, sometime later they realize they’ve either a) been  an asshole or b)realize I’m actually pretty cool and they where being judgmental dicks, THEN they want to apologize for all the means things they said.
There are so many people in my life now I’ve been more or less FORCED to just forgive them for all the shitty things they said about me and go on like it never happened. I’m expected to just forgive everyone for hurting me, and for years, I HAVE. I let by gones be by gones, but you know what? I may forgive, but I WILL NEVER forget.

I’m sick of it.
No more forgiveness.
FUCK YOU if you hurt me.
FUCK YOU if you talk shit about me behind my back.
FUCK YOU if you spread rumors about me that aren’t true (like who ever told Ben I would fuck him for weed, if I find you, I WILL HURT YOU)
FUCK YOU if you’re a cunt.

I’m done doling out forgiveness to people who hurt me. I’m just done. I’m tried of people expecting me to just let it go, and move on, and I never get to express how my feelings where hurt, how your shit talking alienated me from others, how your actions effect me and my life. Nope. it’s all about you.

Fuck you. I’m done with forgiveness.
From here on out, it’s only vengeance. 

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